Amazing results & Outstanding Practice! I am so happy and grateful for my incredible results with my Invisalign treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Justin Glaister he is absolutely superb. As well as being incredibly professional, approachable and skilled, he was brilliant at addressing concerns I had with the treatment, accommodating my specific needs and the end result my teeth are perfect! Highly recommend!!

Annette W.

Thank you so much for giving me the perfect smile I have always wanted! I am so happy with the results, and it seems my boyfriend was too as he has since proposed! So now I will have the perfect smile for my wedding photos!

Rebecca A.

Dr. Justin Glaister Cosmetic Dentistry - London

"...I highly recommend Dr. Justin Glaister he is absolutely superb. As well as being incredibly professional, approachable and skilled, he was brilliant at addressing concerns I had with the treatment."

Dr. Justin Glaister Testimonials

Dr Justin Glaister is an amazing dentist!!!i first came to him a few months ago after being recommended by two other dentists here in London that he was the best to go to for cosmetic dentistry and they were right! i needed some recontouring on my lateral tooth that was poorly contoured by my dentist back home.Dr Justin listened to my concerns and knew what I wanted to change and the result was fantastic! I even got compliment at work by a colleague as to what I have done to my teeth! I did just recently go back to him for a slight tweak cause I am OCD about teeth and he still listened to me didn't judge me, we even got a pencil out to pinpoint actually what I wanted tweaked! Hahah in just a few minutes this subtle change for me has made a big difference to my smile and confidence! he didn't even charge me for it! Thank you Dr Justin! I would highly recommend him for high quality cosmetic dentistry and an honest opinion! I even asked him about Invisalign because he is also expert in the field and uses latest technology to cut your treatment time in half but he said I didn't need it and would be wasting my money!


I just had to write a review for Justin and Lyanna. I came to HSDC a year ago as i was fed up of my dentist doing 'quick fixes' rather than preventative or cosmetic work. On my first visit, I had a really thorough examination of each tooth and a smile as a whole which actually impressed me as i wasn't expecting much.

Justin then talked though all my issues (bearing in mind i hasn't said too much at this stage) and went through various options. He pretty much hit the nail on the head straight away.

We then went through each option in detail and the costs. At no point was there any pressure to do anything further and was told to give it some thought. Once i walked out of the surgery i actually signed up to most of the options.

I can't really get across how happy i am with the results. It's been a full year of work, including crowns, fillings, realignment, invisilign and whitening. The results are amazing and everyone has noticed a difference, even from half way through the treatment. I would definitely recommend and return myself.

On a personal note;

Justin has been brilliant. He's so easy to talk to, explains everything simply and lays out your options with no right or wrong answer. He has just the right mixture of being professional and serious, but very approachable and kind.

Lyanna has also been instrumental to the whole experience. Always happy, smiling and shows an interest in how you are and how things are progressing. She actually takes an interest in what's going on and the results rather than just being Justins right hand lady. She's always on the ball and knows exactly whats happening and when. I wouldn't have wanted anyone else there.

Thank you to the both of you.
All at HSDC have been extremely polite and professional. One of the best things I've ever done


Unbelievable experience with Dr Justin Glaister at Harley Street Dental Clinic - my old crowns were getting me down for years, affecting my confidence and stopping me from smiling.
In 3 short visits Dr Glaister painlessly transformed my smile and confidence with 6 beautiful new porcelain crowns which he had made for me by his Lab in New York.
The improvement has shattered my expectations and is literally life changing for me..
I would, and do, recommend his work to anyone and everyone :)


I simply cannot recommend Justin and his team highly enough. He has quite simply achieved results which I thought would be impossible ! The standard of work has been outstanding and all undertaken with a manner so friendly and approachable that going to the dentist has been no hardship at all ! He has my top recommendation. 


I am over the moon with my porcelain veneers. Dr Justin Glaister provided an excellent customer service and the veneers, which were made by a specialist in New York, were delivered on time and look great! Also, as a night-time teeth grinder, Justin was able to make adjustments to my teeth to ensure that no further damage would be made to my dentine. Overall, highly recommended!

Felicity W.

Justin Glaister is fantastic which is useful for someone like me who can be a bit nervous about visiting the dentist. Definitely feel like I'm in good hands. Plus I love my results!

Laura W.

Justin was kind and professional. I was extremely pleased with the treatment he provided for me. I would recommend him to others.

Manrina R.